The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant trailer intros Mimori Byakuya (aka Glass Happiness)

You’ll fall in love with Mimori Byakuya just from new The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant trailer

The latest magical girl anime series on its way is the new Studio Bones anime The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies.

With the fantasy comedy anime due to premiere in July, a new The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies trailer has been released today on the anime’s official website.

That trailer has the sole purpose of introducing protagonist Mimori Byakuya (aka the magical girl Glass Happiness).

And, of course, making us fall in love with her.

Because, while Mimori may be a beautiful and fragile-looking magical girl who spends her free time saving people, she also has a hard life herself, as she works several part-time jobs just to survive.

Yep, in other words, the second trailer from the anime is more of a Mimori Byakuya character visual than anything else.

New voice acting cast for The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant announced

Along with the anime’s second trailer, three voice actors who will be appearing in the anime were also announced.

They also received their character visuals along with a short introduction about their roles in this quite fun sentence:

Shinichiro Miki will play the role of a cat, Mariya Ise will play the role of a flower, and Hikaru Midorikawa will play the role of a bird.”

The “cat” in question is Byakuya’s Angel, an oracle who descended from the heavens to guide magical girls. He is also a bit of an outlaw in everything he does.

The “flower” is Hibana Kagari (aka Bonfire Hana), a magical girl with a foul-mouth who tends to run wild when she is feeling shy.

While the “bird” is Bird — another oracle who came down from heaven to guide magical girls. But, unlike Oracle, he is a highly conscientious being who acts more like a parental figure.

All three voice actors voiced the same characters for the drama CD adaptation of the original manga released almost a decade ago, and all seem quite surprised that they have been chosen again to reprise their roles.

They join the already announced cast members Yuuki Ono and Mai Nakahara, who voice protagonists evil lieutenant Mira and magical girl Mimori.

They too created the same roles for the drama CD, so this is a voice cast reunion above anything else.

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies  manga series

The upcoming anime is based on the hit manga season written and illustrated by Cocoa Fujiwara.

Yen Press is currently in the process of publishing the fantasy manga series in English, with Volume 1 due out in August.

The publisher describes the manga’s plot in this way:

She’s a magical girl, sworn to fight for peace, love, and justice. He’s a lieutenant, born into a military family that serves an evil empire. And yet, it was love at first sight…

From Inu x Boku SS creator Cocoa Fujiwara comes a four-panel comic about hostile enemies who won’t kill (and love) each other!   

The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies anime is being directed by Akiyo Oohashi (Given – On The Other Hand), with Yuniko Ayana (Given) in charge of series composition, and Haruko Lizuka (Sugar Apple Fairy Tale) designing the characters for the anime.

As for the animation studio creating the anime, that task has fallen to the utterly superb Studio Bones (Bungou Stray Dogs, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Mob Psycho 100 etc).

As you might guess then, this one is likely to be very very good.

An announcement was also made today about the premiere date of the anime and where it will be airing, with broadcasting beginning in July, 2024 on TOKYO MX, BS11, and AT-X.

Watch the new (2nd) The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies trailer, aka Mimori Byakuya’s character trailer, below.


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