Undead Girl Murder Farce key visual/ trailer make anime look gorgeous and plot interesting

The Undead Girl Murder Farce art style and character and background designs are stunning

The official website and the Twitter account for the upcoming Undead Girl Murder Farce anime have just released a stunning key visual for the historical fantasy series.

Alongside the new Undead Girl Murder Farce key visual, we also got a trailer and the anime’s premiere date — July 5th.

And let me say, from the beautifully created Undead Girl Murder Farce key visual (see below) featuring all of the anime’s main and supporting characters, and the 2-minute trailer that also introduces them, this one could just be the most gorgeous anime of 2023.

As well as the most intriguing plot-wise.

Then again, I am a sucker for historical fantasy series.

Especially where there is an emphasis on the art style, character and background designs, and where the story seems unique and quite bizarre, and this one seems to have all of that in spades.

The Undead Girl Murder Farce opening and ending theme songs

In addition to the beautiful art style in the key visual and trailer, the Undead Girl Murder Farce opening and ending theme songs were also revealed.

They are South Korean girl group Classy’s ‘Crack-Crack-Crackle‘, with the anime’s ending theme song Anna’s ‘Reversal‘.

You can hear snippets of both songs in the trailer.


Official Undead Girl Murder Farce key visual

What is the Undead Girl Murder Farce anime about?

The upcoming anime is based on the popular Japanese light novel series Andeddo Gāru Mādā Farusu, which was written by Yugo Aosaki.

The plot goes something like this:

Undead Girl Murder Farce tells the story of the disembodied head of Aya Rindou, a demon who, along with half-demon Tsugaru Shinuchi and his loyal servant Shizuku Hasei, leave Japan during the late 19th century to travel to Europe in search of her body.

A body she lost when she was decapitated by an unknown villain years before.

This is not the world we know, however, as it is populated by supernatural and magical creatures like werewolves, vampires and golems, making it a far more dangerous place to travel through.

And, on their travels, Aya Rindou isn’t just a one-mission-only head. Instead, she is the being in the cage that talented supernatural detective Tsugaru Shinuchi, known as ‘The Cage User’, uses to help him solve crimes.

Kodansha is publishing its manga adaptation in English.

Main cast and staff of Undead Girl Murder Farce

The main three cast members for the anime are:

Taku Yashiro who voices Tsugaru Shinuchi

Tomoyo Kurosawa who plays Aya Rindou

Makoto Koichi who is Shizuku Hasie

In addition, Shinichi Omata (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War) is directing the anime, with Noboru Takagi (Baccano!) in charge of series composition, and Noriko Ito (Yuri!!! on Ice) and Naho Kozono (Golden Kamuy) designing the characters.

Lapin Track is in charge of anime production.

The anime is due to premiere on July 5th on Crunchyroll.

Watch the just-released Undead Girl Murder Farce trailer below, and mark your calendars.

Because, Ye Gods, this one looks amazing!


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