Upcoming anime Deaimon’s key visual is adorably cute – I love Nagumo and Itsuka already

A new anime series adapted from the sweets manga Deaimon was announced back in April and, at the time, I was struck by how adorably cute the first two released visuals looked.

Fast forward five months, and the Deaimon anime series got its first key visual today, and let’s just say it’s even cuter.

Along with the Deaimon key visual, the anime’s lead cast, main staff and a 2022 broadcast were also announced.

The anime follows main characters Nagumo and Itsuka.

Nagumo, a young man who has left his father’s confectionary business in order to be a musician, but then has to come back and help run it when his father is sick, and Itsuka, a mysterious girl working at the shop who has been named the business’s successor in Nagumo’s absence.

The pair have to figure out how to work together, while running the shop and making it successful, and also have to find a way to deal with their animosity towards each other.

The two lead actors announced today are Nobunga Shimazaki (Yuki in Fruits Basket) who will play Nagumo, and Kozue Yuki who voices Itsuka.

Itsuka will be the debut anime role for Kozue.

Directing Deaimon is Fumitoshi Oizaki (Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue),¬†with Reiko Yoshida (Violet Evergarden) in charge of and writing scripts, and Sakae Shibuya (A Centaur’s Life) as both chief animation director and character designer.

Encourage Films is in charge of production.

No word yet on when in 2022 Deaimon will premiere, but we will keep you posted with more information as soon as we find out.

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