Watch LISA sing Demon Slayer’s ‘Gurenge’ OP live in one take – she’s amazing

If you are one of those people who thinks Japanese anime singers can’t possibly sing those incredibly emotional, ridiculously high tracks without a lot of auto-tuning and other vocal manipulations, you might just want to watch this.

A video of Japanese anime singer LISA singing Demon Slayer‘s OP ‘Gurenge‘.

In one take. Live. With just a piano as accompaniment. (Watch below).

And when you watch that, it is pretty easy to understand the Billboard Japan news this week — that LISA’s ‘Gurenge‘ is still in the number 1 spot, and has been for the last four weeks.

Six months after it was first released.

LISA’s ‘Gurenge‘ is also still number one on the anime “download,” “streaming,” and “karaoke” charts, while the digital version of the track has been certified Double Platinum in Japan.

And yes, ‘Gurenge‘ is LISA’s fifteenth single, and her biggest yet.

No surprise really, though.

After all, not only is ‘Gurenge‘ a catchy and addictive song, it is also the OP of one of the biggest Japanese anime series ever released — Demon Slayer:┬áKimetsu no Yaiba.

That 26-episode anime has topped critics’ and fans’ lists of best anime of 2019 in both Japan and in the west.

It has also already spawned a movie sequel — Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train –– with a story that will directly follow up on the first season of the anime series.

As for LISA’s ‘Gurenge‘, she not only has that amazing first take/one take version of the full track out, she is also featured in an equally fabulous and quite dramatic music video clip, and a wild and energetic short live performance of the popular hit song.

Watch both of those music videos below, and then keep up-to-date on everything LISA on the Japanese singer’s website.


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