When in the ‘Sasaki and Miyano’ manga does Miyano confess to Sasaki?

Sasaki and Miyano Volume 5 — when Miyano knows he’s in love

This article includes spoilers about Miyano’s confession to Sasaki, so don’t read it unless you really don’t mind

If, like me, you are currently obsessed with the Sasaki and Miyano anime, you will have already watched Sasaki confessing his feelings to Miyano (Episode 5) , and Miyano not yet giving him an answer.

But, if like me, you are also too impatient to wait until Miyano confesses to Sasaki, (because we all know he’s going to, right?) you might want to read the manga and get a jump on the anime story line instead.

That’s why you will also want to know when in the manga does Miyano confess to Sasaki, and is it possible to read that particular manga volume in English right now?

When in the Sasaki and Miyano manga series does Miyano confess to Sasaki?

If you have watched the Sasaki and Miyano anime Episode 7, you already know Miyano has feelings for Sasaki, but he hasn’t yet told him.

My guess is, considering the pacing of the anime series, it will be Episode 12 before that does happen. That means we have at least another month to wait until we get to see the auspicious event.

But… if you read the Sasaki and Miyano manga series, you may have already experienced Miyano confessing to Sasaki.


Volume 6 is when Miyano confesses

Well, if you have read it in Japanese, that is.

That’s because Miyano confesses to Sasaki in Volume 6 of the manga series — in Chapter 31.

But, as Volume 5 will only be released in English via Yen Press in May, 2022, it will still be a few months before you can legally read it.

The confession does eventually happen, however, and yes, Sasaki feels like he has just won the lottery when it does.

Although, with timing being a bit odd, it isn’t easy for Miyano to confess. Simply because he cannot get Sasaki alone anywhere so he can tell him.

Eventually, though, Miyano heads to the train station he knows Sasaki gets on at every morning and, while trying to find out the address of the bakery he works at so he can visit him, Sasaki arrives at the station himself.

It is soon after this that Miyano confesses.

So now you know.

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