Why is Kingdom Season 5 not premiering on January 7th? When will it air?

Kingdom, Season 5 will not be hitting Crunchyroll this weekend

Millions of anime fans will be disappointed this weekend after expecting the first episode of Kingdom, Season 5 to premiere on Crunchyroll, only to realize it hasn’t and won’t be.

At least not on January 7th as was originally scheduled.

Instead, the official X channel for the anime has just announced Kingdom, Season 5, Episode 1 has just been postponed from today until Sunday, January 15th at 12:15 am in Japan.

Why was Kingdom, Season 5 postponed for a week?

The postponement has nothing to do with the anime itself not being ready to be broadcast, however, but instead is due to the Japanese station NHK currently broadcasting news about the recent earthquake that struck central Japan on January 1st.

That earthquake coverage will continue for the next few days, with many programs like Kingdom being pre-empted while it goes on.

That is why, unless something else happens within the next few days that affects much of Japan, you can expect to see Kingdom, Season 5, Episode 1 start streaming on Crunchyroll next Sunday instead.

The Kingdom anime series is based on the manga series by Yasuhisa Hara, with its first season coming out in June, 2012 followed by three more seasons and three full-length films releasing throughout the next nine years.

The upcoming fifth season of Kingdom is directed by Seasons 3 and 4 director Kenichi Imaizumi, with series composition by Noboru Takagi, and character designs from Abe Hisashi.

The main voice cast has also returned to reprise their roles.

Mark your calendars for Kingdom, Season 5 premiering on Crunchyroll on January 15th then and, if you haven’t yet caught up with the first four excellent seasons, you can do so now via Crunchyroll.

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