Why is Oblivion Battery Episode 8 not airing on May 29th? The dreaded recap episode…

Fans of the baseball anime Oblivion Battery will be upset next week, May 29th, when they realize the planned Episode 8 is not airing.

Instead, it was announced on the anime’s official website earlier this month that a “Special Edition Highlight” episode will be aired on Japanese TV on May 28th in its place.

You know, one of those dreaded recap episodes that every. single. anime. fan. hates.

This time, the Oblivion Battery recap episode will look back at the events of Episodes 1 through 7, with added narration from Kiyomine and others.

The premise of the episode was explained like this:

Kei, who wants to be popular, suggests that the Kotesashi High School baseball team open a social media account. Yamada, Kiyomine, Chihaya, and Todo search for photos that can be posted to recruit members.

As they look back on the past while looking at the photos, what are their true feelings that they can only talk about now…?

No particular reason for Oblivion Battery, Episode 8 being postponed was given, except to say the decision was made before the anime “enters its second half”.

Which leads me to ask, if the anime was originally scheduled for just 12 episodes, and we’re kicking off the second half on June 4th, are there actually more?

The Oblivion Battery Special Edition Highlight episode will air on the usual six Japanese affiliates during the time Episode 8 was scheduled to air, followed by streaming on the KADOKAWA Anime’s YouTube channel for a limited time.

Oblivion Battery, Episode 8 will then premiere the following week — June 4th — at its usual time, and will begin streaming on Crunchyroll on June 5th.


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