Why My Dress-Up Darling’s Marin Kitagawa is everyone’s ‘best waifu’ from Winter 2022

From just the few people I have spoken to about My Dress Up Darling‘s MarinKitagawa, the term ‘best waifu’ has popped up again and again.

Considering the anime fans I know are pretty representative of the fandom at large, ie: they tend to have pretty mainstream opinions, I’m assuming then that tens of thousands of other otaku are also on board with Marin as the ‘best waifu’.

At least of Winter 2022, eh?

The conversations I had about Marin also led me to think much more seriously about why Marin Kitagawa is everyone’s best waifu. And what makes her a standout out of just about all the other girls in anime this season.

Because, hey, even as a heterosexual female who thinks Marin is adorable but not exactly my romantic dream, I can definitely see her appeal for those of you who are romantically attached.


My Dress-Up Darling‘s Marin is beautiful

Sure, this is true but…there are thousands of beautiful blonde girls in anime today, and a heckuva lot of them don’t stand out as a waifu.

Because, let’s face it, if Marin had the looks she has but not the same personality, I would wager my monthly income she would be far less waifu material for most otaku.

Yep, she has long, skinny legs, beautiful blonde hair, a pretty face and, of course, a knockout body in a bikini but, no, Marin’s waifu appeal is more than that.


Cheerful is as cheerful does

There is nothing more appealing than a cheerful person. Someone who always finds the positive things in a situation, and seems to go through life eternally happy.

That’s Marin. Always happy, always smiling, always having fun.

People gravitate towards someone like that, which is why Marin is always surrounded by people, or being watched as she walks down the corridor.

So much sunshine just streams off that girl, everyone wants to bask in it.


Her own personality — assertiveness is attractive

One thing many guys love about a girl more than anything is when she has her own personality. You know, she’s not one of those milk toast girls who goes along with their opinion every chance she gets, while never asserting herself or her own wants and needs.

Marin Kitagawa certainly isn’t one of those girls, eh?

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Instead, Marin has a massive personality and goes after what she wants at every opportunity. Whether that is making sure Gojou agrees to sew her cosplay outfits, or showing up at his door early on a Saturday morning to get the measurements he said he would do on Monday.

Marin knows what she wants, and she goes out and gets it.


Who cares what other people think?

To me, there is no more boring a person than one who lives their life caring what other people think. Especially when those people have no bearing on their life at all.

That’s why I think Marin is adorable and so, I think, do many otaku who want her as their waifu, because what other people might think doesn’t seem to enter Marin’s head at all.

She proves that right from the first episode, when she apologizes to Gojou after she has just slammed her head on his desk after flying through the air, and even remembers his name. Even though her friends are standing there, and obviously don’t like him.

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She proves it again when Gojou is worried about people thinking they might be dating, and Marin responds with “Well then why don’t we?”.

To Marin, who has self-confidence down to an art, if someone has a problem with what she does with her life, other than laugh about it, she just moves right past it and onto what she was planning on doing anyway.


People love a teaser

And, no, this has nothing to do with being a sexual tease, as Marin isn’t like that.

Instead, she takes great delight in teasing people for their foibles, and so mercilessly teases Gojou. Especially when she’s in his room being measured for her cosplay outfits.

But not in a mean way, in a sweet and cute way.

Hell, she even teases herself as, after walloping her head on Gojou’s desk, she walks away quipping “Definitely broke some bones on that landing”.


She likes what she likes

The best thing about Marin is she likes what she likes. If that is inappropriate cosplay outfits, then so be it.

She also believes, it doesn’t matter if what you like is a ‘girl’s thing’, a ‘boy’s thing’, a ‘nerd thing’ or any other thing that is supposed to only be liked by ‘certain people’. If Marin likes something, she likes it, and that’s just the way it is.

Hence why, when the cute guy at her hair salon tried to pick her up by calling her ‘a weeb’ and her cute bag ornament ‘lame’, her response was “The only thing that’s lame here is you” and then she walked away.

As she explained to her friends later, “You just don’t make fun of what other people like”.

That’s why Marin is perfect for Gojou and for any other otaku with an ‘unacceptable hobby’ as, while she loves her cosplay outfits, she also thinks it’s incredibly cool Gojou loves his dolls.



Wrapping up Marin

In other words, Marin Kitagawa is everyone’s best waifu because the girl has everything that makes a girl appealing. To both men and women.

Cute, funny, sweet, kind, knows who she is and what she wants, and pursues what she likes with an absolute passion few people do.

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Just remember how she looked when she was showing Gojou photos of all the people doing cosplay that she loves so much.

Now that face was the face of a very happy, upbeat person with a strong sense of self, and everyone loves to be around someone like that.

Watch Marin Kitagawa in action in My Dress-Up Darling on Crunchyroll.

With just three episodes out so far, time is passing bloody slowly until we get Episode 4.


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