Why Raeliana Ended at the Duke’s Mansion! English dub cast includes Lindsay Seidel, Ian Sinclair, Nazeeh Tarsha

The upcoming isekai anime Why Raeliana Ended at the Duke’s Mansion! English dub cast has been announced, and it features several heavy hitters, including Lindsay Seidel, Ian Sinclair and Nazeeh Tarsha.

The main Why Raeliana Ended at the Duke’s Mansion! English dub cast was officially named today, with the anime itself premiering next week on Crunchyroll.

Engish dub cast members are:

  • Lindsay Seidel (Ichika in The Quintessential Quintuplets) who is voicing Rinko/Raeliana
  • Ian Sinclair (Saichi in Golden Kamuy) who is playing Noah
  • Cory Phillips as Brooks
  • Samuel Largent (Hiroshi in One Piece) as Bowie
  • Richard L. Olsen (Nomiyama in Sing a Bit of Harmony) who is voicing Gideon
  • Nazeeh Tarsha (Soji in Revenger) as Jake
  • Aaron Michael (Shouta in The Fruit of Revolution) as Johndein
  • Lara Woodhull (Ayanami in Azur Lane) voicing Rosemary
  • Brianna Roberts (Miranjo in Ranking of Kings) who is playing Katie
  • Alex Mai ((Ryuuji in Shoot! Goal to the Future) as Whitton

Some of the crew of the anime was also announced alongside the English language cast.

The ADR Director is Caitlin Glass (Ranking of Kings), with Macy Anne Johnson (Sing Yesterday for Me) as ADR Script Writer.

The Why Raeliana Ended at the Duke’s Mansion! anime is based on the web novel by Whale and Milcha (titled 그녀가 공작저로 가야 했던 사정 in Korean).

It is being directed by Junichi Yamamoto (More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers).

Typhoon Graphics (One Room) is in charge of anime production.

The first episode of the Why Raeliana Ended at the Duke’s Mansion! English dub premieres on Crunchyroll on Monday, April 10th. Look out for it, as this one looks interesting.

Watch the Japanese language trailer for the anime (sorry, one has not been released for the English dub) below.


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