Why Sasaki Shuumei is the perfect boyfriend – he will make Miyano happy!

When it comes to perfect boyfriends in a Boys’ Love anime, you don’t get much better than Sasaki Shuumei — the boy who is currently so in love with Miyano Yoshikazu in the ongoing anime Sasaki and Miyano, he can hardly see straight.

But, at this point in the anime series (Episode 6), even though Sasaki has confessed his love for Miyano, the younger boy has yet to choose him for his boyfriend.

In fact, he’s taking his sweet time making up his mind.

Come on, Miyano, nobody should let such a fabulous guy like that get away. They’d be a fool.

Now, why is Sasaki Shuumei the perfect boyfriend?

Really? You can’t see it yourself?

Then here are just a few reasons why you don’t find much better guys than Sasaki, and Miyano definitely won’t.

Sasaki Shuumei is calm and matter-of-fact

When it comes to Boys’ Love anime, not every prospective boyfriend is calm or matter-of-fact about their feelings.

Some are mean and rude and always angry, while others are so freaked out by falling in love with a guy (I’m talking to you Misaki Takahashi), they keep pushing them away.

Not Sasaki Shuumei.

Because once Sasaki realizes he is falling in love with Miyano, he deals with his feelings in a calm, rational manner. Admits them, to himself and to others, and then… admits them to Miyano.

In a calm, matter-of-fact way that may have been a shock to Miyano. But, because he wasn’t aggressive, crazy or rude, allowed Miyano to not be scared by them.

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To be in a relationship with a calm and matter-of-fact guy would give any man more courage to get into one and stay in it.

After all, if there were ever any problems, you can guarantee Sasaki would handle them just as calmly and rationally, right?

Sasaki is in touch with his feelings

Too many men are either oblivious to how they feel, or push those feelings down as they don’t want to deal with them.

Not Sasaki.

He realizes quickly that he’s attracted to Miyano, and instead of running from that, embraces it and begins to look for ways to spend more time with him so he can get to know him better.

Sasaki is the perfect boyfriend, because being in a relationship with someone who can admit his feelings, and deal with them maturely, makes for a very happy life.

Sasaki is kind

When it comes to being in a relationship with someone, you cannot go wrong with someone who is kind.

Kindness, after all, means the person in that relationship will always look out for the other person’s feelings, and make sure they do everything they can to avoid hurting them.

Sasaki is that type of guy, as he has proven himself to be kind to Miyano from the first time they spoke.

Borrowing his Boys’ Love manga, then being courteous and respectful about them once he realized what they were. Listening to Miyano every time he wants to talk, and never talking down to him or making him feel stupid about the things he likes.

Even protecting Miyano from boys accidentally pushing into him and possibly injuring him.

So kind is Sasaki that, even when he tells Miyano how he feels about him, he then adds “But take your time thinking about it before you answer me”, as he can see how shocked Miyano is, and doesn’t want to hurt him.

Sasaki is mature for his age

At the beginning of Sasaki and Miyano, as a senior in high school, Sasaki is around 17-years-old.

Not that he appears to be that young as, from his quite tall height to his mature way of dealing with things, he seems to be quite a bit older.

Being in a relationship with someone who is mature for their age, however, is often a very smart move.

Emotionally mature people tend to make smarter decisions — which Sasaki proves he does when he tells Miyano to take his time considering his feelings for him — and often end up with healthier relationships.

He also proves his maturity again when he is desperate to kiss Miyano through his mask as he sleeps, but forces himself not to as he knows it would be a violation of Miyano’s trust.

Sasaki is hard-working and responsible

When it comes to being in a relationship with someone, shouldn’t Miyano choose a guy who is hard-working and responsible?

Well, that is definitely Sasaki.

Not only does he work in his family’s bakery — something he did throughout the summer holidays, rather than spending his time off enjoying himself — but, when he realizes his grades are not as good as they should be, he enlists his friend Hirano to help him improve them.

Then he shows up early to school every morning to study with Hirano, so he can get the grades he needs to graduate.

Sasaki is intelligent

While he might not initially seem intelligent when he is struggling with his grades, when you actually listen to him talk, it is obvious Sasaki is very intelligent.

He reads Miyano’s Boys’ Love manga, and then analyzes the characters and their motivations in them.

He can hold his own in any conversation, and reply back with intelligent points, and he is smart enough to know pushing Miyano to make a decision would just cause him to run in the opposite direction.

Yep, Sasaki is both mentally intelligent and emotionally intelligent, and doesn’t everyone want a boyfriend like that?

Sasaki is brave

Don’t forget, Sasaki is incredibly brave too, and won’t ever stand by while someone else is being hurt.

After all, the first time we ever met him was when he strode into action to protect Kuresawa from the boys that were trying to beat him up. Even when the situation didn’t affect him directly.

Everyone should have a boyfriend that’s brave, and especially Miyano who is small and delicate, and doesn’t always stand up for himself.

Besides, someone who is brave and stands up for people who are weaker — whether in stature or emotionally — is a good person, and everyone who wants a happy love life should be looking for someone like that.

Sasaki is gorgeous

And, of course, any guy would be lucky to have Sasaki as a boyfriend as he is gorgeous.

Tall, slim, with long slender legs, beautiful eyes, a handsome face and adorable when he smiles — yep, Sasaki is gorgeous.

But, even better, he doesn’t seem to know it.

These, of course, are just a few reasons why Sasaki Shuumei is the perfect boyfriend.

Now, with just a few more episodes left in Sasaki and Miyano, let’s hope it’s not too long before Miyano realizes it too, eh?

Watch Sasaki and Miyano on Crunchyroll to see exactly why I think Sasaki is the perfect boyfriend, and to enjoy the anime, of course, as it is so so so good.

Don’t forget too, if you like manga, four volumes of Sasaki and Miyano are currently out in English via Yen Press. (Update: May, 2024 — there are now nine volumes out).

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