Why will Whisper Me a Love Song, Ep 9 not air on schedule, and when will it?

Whisper Me a Love Song, Episode 9 delayed due to production problems

In news that will probably surprise absolutely nobody currently watching the yuri anime Whisper Me a Love Song, it has been announced Episode 9 will not air on June 9th.

Instead, the Girls’ Love anime will be delayed for at least two weeks, maybe more, while two compilation episodes will air in the place of Episodes 9 and 10 instead.

Those Whisper Me a Love Song compilation episodes will be fancily titled ‘Prelude‘ and ‘Interlude‘, but will just rehash the same scenes we have already watched in Episodes 1 and 2, and Episodes 3-6 respectively.

Leaving me to ask, what about the rehash for Episodes 7 and 8? Will that “compilation” be coming after the first two, with another week’s delay?

More production problems for Whisper Me a Love Song

And I say “the news will probably surprise nobody” as it is a known fact Whisper Me a Love Song has been struggling with production for months.

First, the anime was originally supposed to premiere in January, 2024, then was postponed until April.

It also lost its original director, Xinya Cai (assistant director of The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt) due to “health issues”, with Akira Mano (Ghost Hunt) stepping in mid-way through.

It was then announced not long before the anime was originally due to premiere that, instead of animation studio Yokohama Animation Lab being in charge of anime production, they would be sharing the work with Cloud Hearts.

An announcement of that type so close to the premiere date (announced in November for a January premiere) doesn’t generally bode well for an anime.

That was then proven with a three-month delay before Whisper Me a Love Song premiered.

Personally, I hope the two anime studios get their acts together, and are able to produce the rest of the anime in the next few weeks because, as Girls’ Love anime goes, sure it has definitely had quality issues, but this one is still well-written, with a lovely art style, cute characters and is really quite sweet.

When will Whisper Me a Love Song, Episode 9 air?

At the moment, the production committee is saying Whisper Me a Love Song, Episode 9 will air on June 22nd, with Episode 10 airing the following week on June 29th.

Worryingly, however, they are also saying the broadcast dates for Episodes 11 and 12 (you know, the end of the actual anime) will be announced at a later time — which doesn’t instill much confidence, does it?

Meanwhile, you can watch Whisper Me a Love Song, Episode 8 via HIDIVE, and then keep your fingers crossed it won’t be that long before Episodes 9 thru 12 head our way too.

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