Wind Breaker, Episode 10 recap – Togame and Tomiyama make amends and Sakura is fully accepted into Bofurin

Togame apologizes to Bofurin

Wind Breaker, Episode 10 recap — it’s all about mending relationships and making friends

The episode opens with the aftermath of the intense battle between Umemiya and Tomiyama, which resolved the longstanding conflict between the Shishitoren and Bofurin gangs.

The atmosphere is tense yet soon relaxes as both groups gather for a meal together to celebrate their newfound friendship, with food ordered from the pub district in Shishitoren’s territory.

Sakura, still confused about the sudden turn of events, questions the decision to eat with their former rivals.

Togame, representing Shishitoren, suddenly bows and apologizes for his past actions, blaming himself for Shishitoren becoming rotten to the core.

Tomiyama follows suit, acknowledging both their mistakes and expressing a desire for a peaceful coexistence with Bofurin.

Umemiya laughs, then turns to Sakura and asks him what he would do to the pair. Should they be punished?

Togame immediately says he will accept any punishment. But Sakura, who is as awkward and embarrassed as usual, shouts at him that he must become a really cool guy. That’s his punishment.

Togame promises that he will.

Tomiyama cannot understand why Umemiya has so much fun at the top

The mood of the entire group then shifts to a lighter, more jovial tone as Tomiyama asks Umemiya why he has so much fun at the top.

Umemiya, always the charismatic leader, uses this opportunity to strengthen the bond between the groups. He shares his love of just hanging out with his group, eating meals together, talking about this and that, and laughing with his friends so he forgets all the bad things.

Togame asks him what made him want to be at the top of Bofurin, and Umemiya replies it was a great way to always be able to eat with his friends, and to do things that made the town better.

Tomiya tells him how awesome he is getting to the top like that, but Umemiya disagrees saying he didn’t get there himself as other people allowed him to be there.

After all, you can’t get to the top without the help of others, which immediately made Sakura stop and think.

Umemiya tells Sakura he will never lose

Umemiya then looks pointedly at Sakura and says, because so many people helped him get where he is, he will never lose. Hinting that, no matter how much Sakura tries, he will never be able to knock him off the top spot at Bofurin as long as Umemiya still wants to be there.

Bofurin leave the Shishitoren’s territory with Umemiya inviting Togame and Tomiyama to come to Bofurin territory next time for a meal, as they have plenty of great restaurants there too.

After they have gone, Tomiyama admits to Togame that, even though he apologized, he knows what he did cannot be fixed by just saying sorry.

But he also admits he doesn’t know what to do to fix things, as he knows he needs everyone in Shishitoren but is worried what they think of him.

Togame tells him he feels the same, and so now it is up to the two of them to work together to come up with a way to fix the things they have broken.

Sakura talks with Umemiya and learns about “conversations”

The start of the second half of Wind Breaker, Episode 10 begins at the cafe where middle-schooler Sasaki is sitting outside waiting for the Bofurin members to return from the Shishitoren territory so he can find out what happened during the fights.

Umemiya just smiles, pats him on the head and reminds him he told Sasaki to leave it to them, and that everything is fine now.

Sasaki begins to cry, and thanks them.

As the Bofurin group walk into the cafe where Kotoha is waiting for them, Sakura becomes embarrassed about something Kotoha told him — he could never climb to the top alone — so he turns around, tells the gang he’s going home and starts to leave.

Of course, that isn’t acceptable to the Bofurin members, so Umemiya grabs him and pulls him back inside telling him now is the time to celebrate.

Sakura argues that there is nothing to celebrate, but Umemiya tells him of course there is. They have all had conversations that day (ie: talking with their fists), and every conversation worked out well for them.

That means it is Dialogue Anniversary day.

Umemiya tells Sakura he must stay

As Sakura protests, Umemiya becomes serious and tells him he needs to stay as he wants to talk to him.

Sakura begins thinking about what it means to get to the top of Bofurin, and how he always thought he needed to do it alone. He has now realized that is not how things are at all.

Umemiya then asks him how it felt fighting the Shishitoren, and did he feel he had a good conversation?

Sakura replies he didn’t have one, as he couldn’t hear voices coming from his fists.

This makes Umemiya laugh, as he realizes Sakura misunderstood the whole thing about “conversations”, causing Sakura to flush bright red again.

Umemiya explains he didn’t mean an actual spoken conversation but, instead, it is more like a primitive conversation — with fists.

And yes, Sakura did have a conversation in his fight with Togame as, if he hadn’t have done, he wouldn’t have jumped to Togame’s defense when Tomiyama kicked him across the stage.

It also means he probably likes Togame, at least a little bit, now.

Sakura is properly admitted into Bofurin

Umemiya then admits he has been watching Sakura over the last few days, as he was curious what this new guy would be like.

He has already come to a conclusion too. Sakura is a very good guy.

Hiragi then suggests, instead of a Dialogue Anniversary party, this can be a welcome party for Sakura.

Sakura, though, is still confused as he doesn’t understand why Umemiya can accept things so easily, as he has never been able to do that.

But Nirei jumps in and says, of course, he can.

After all, the previous day, when Nirei was upset, Sakura had told him he wasn’t the lame person he thought it was.

In Nirei’s eyes, that means he took a good look at him, and that made him incredibly happy.

Umemiya then adds there are only two conditions to having a conversation in a fight — you have to be able to confront someone, and then want to get to know them.

And Sakura definitely did that in his fight with Togame, as he faced him head on and tried to get to know him. That is why the fight ended up the way it did. With Sakura jumping to Togame’s defense when Tomiyama kicked him.

Because of that, Umemiya tells him, he can certainly get to the top of Bofurin.

A statement that makes Sakura jump up and shout, if that does happen, that means Umemiya will have lost.

Umemiya laughs and tells Sakura he is probably correct.

The episode ends with Sugishita, who has had enough of Sakura talking about deposing his idol Umemiya, picking up a chair and threatening to smack Sakura with it while the rest of the group and Kotoha stop him.

Wind Breaker, Episode 10 is a more relaxed episode than the other four as it is nothing more than the Bofurin and Shishitoren members looking at their own actions and deciding if they behaved in the best way they could.

In Bofurin’s case, yes, while in Shishitoren’s case and Togame and Tomiyama, no. But at least now they know that and can fix it.

All of this sets up the next episode for the Bofurin members to become an even closer knit group.

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