Yoh Kamiyama’s ‘GUNJO’ Drifting Dragons OP gets vibrantly colored music video

Japanese singer songwriter Yoh Kamiyama has just released “GUNJO”, aka the Drifting Dragons‘ opening theme song. The track is also Kamiyama’s major label single debut.

“GUNJO” comes with a gorgeously vibrantly colored music video with Yoh Kamiyama lying in a box on a stage as rain falls around him.

Two other versions of the singer then appear and sit down at either end of the box.

Kamiyama climbs out of the box, walks off stage and is soon playing with equally vibrantly colored fish.

The scene then repeats itself, but this time with Kamiyama walking off to lie on top of a pile of books as the rain falls onto him and them.

The “GUNJO” music video ends with the three versions of the singer all sitting on the box, which is now on a beach. One version is holding a fish in a bag, while another version holds a book.

The book sets on fire, the fish gets released and the video ends with Yoh Kamiyama walking away from the other two versions as he is surrounded by fish swimming in the air.

What does Yoh Kamiyama’s “GUNJO” music video mean?

Not a clue. But it sure is visually stunning, and he has a beautiful voice.

GUNJO” is the official OP for the new anime series Drifting Dragons, which is based on the Taku Kuwabara fantasy manga.

The series is directed by Tadahiro Yoshihira, with Makoto Uezu handling series composition and Kyoko Kotani responsible for character design.

In the west, the anime is being streamed exclusively on Netflix, although it is not yet available in every region.

Until it is, you can watch Yoh Kamiyama’s “GUNJO” music video below, and the anime series’ official trailer below that.

The song itself can be streamed from these platforms, and bought from the usual places.


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